One Reason NOT to Abandon Cold Calling


After reading the article below, I found myself truly inspired to respond. I should probably lay out a few disclaimers.

Disclaimer 1: The author of the linked article is an authority on social selling, and raises good points about the value of social. My article is simply to argue for the continued benefits of cold calling.

Disclaimer 2: I believe that there needs to be a BLENDED approach, not one or the other

Essentially, the author argues that DESPITE proof from legitimate sources (CEB/Gartner and Salesforce) he feels cold calling is fruitless. His “proof” is interesting to say the least. He cites a three year old “case study” which a friend conducted. The study:

  • States that for every 100 cold calls, you’ll have 4 outcomes, none of which are positive

  • You are told to go away

  • You are told they purchased 3 months ago

  • You are told to call back in 3 months

  • You get voice mail

  • He argues that with Social Selling, you’ll have a better ability to nurture, engage, etc

To be clear, I don’t disagree with the value of social selling, but I 100% wholeheartedly disagree about abandoning cold calling. What the author doesn’t mention is that phone calls allow you to connect human to human, voice to voice. Despite all of the advancements in technology and AI, there is still something very real that can be conveyed on the phone.

The sale starts from the no. If every salesperson gave up when they were told no, the profession wouldn’t exist. This is what separates the good from the bad.

But, the number one reason I would argue to continue cold calling is BECAUSE of articles like this. The more people, such as the author, who stop cold calling, the more likely people like us are to get through. The phone will become a differentiating channel and will seem all the more personal.