Sales Travel Guide - Philadelphia


I’ve spent a ton of time in Philadelphia and for the life of me, I still don’t understand how it earned the moniker, “The City of Brotherly Love.” That’s not to say that Philadelphians aren’t great people, but Brotherly Love is not the first thing that comes to mind. Philly is known for its very straightforward communication style...and for throwing snowballs at Santa Claus.


PHL (Philadelphia International Airport) - With six terminals across all major US airlines plus half of A Terminal being reserved for International Flights, PHL is a key airport for the East Coast. Frankly I’d choose to fly from PHL over anywhere in New York, New Jersey, DC, or Baltimore 10 times out of 10. Despite its size and number of flights, the flow of PHL is efficient and effective. There are plenty of dining options and car rentals are quick and easy.

Hotel Recommendation:

The Rittenhouse 1715 Boutique Hotel is located within a half mile of the Philadelphia Convention Center and is also very close to sites such as the Liberty Bell. It provides a more unique and personal experience than most of the chain hotels at a fairly reasonable price.

How to Sell to People in Philadelphia:


In one word, Philadelphians are direct. No bullshit is the way to go. You might get away with some light sports talk, but if you are a Dallas Cowboys fan, or root for New York or New England teams, stay clear of starting any arguments. You will have to negotiate carefully and make it a point to let your prospect win some of the points. This is true for most situations but Philly is a city of scrappy underdogs and they love a good come from behind win.

Where to Take a Client for Lunch:


Forget about a restaurant. Every Philadelphian has an opinion on which Cheesesteak is the king and they love to share their opinion. Tell your client that you absolutely have to have the best Cheesesteak in Philly and want them to make the decision for you. Odds are, you will wind up at either Pat’s or Geno’s near Passyunk Avenue. There are arguably better Cheesesteak places in other parts of South Philly but these are the two landmarks.


Where to Take a Client for Dinner:

The Continental Martini Bar in Old City is a great dinner spot for casual yet upscale dining. You won’t be out of place at all in a suit but it is loud enough where you can let loose a bit and have a more informal business discussion

Where to Take a Client for Drinks:

Monk’s Cafe is known as one of the best places in Philly for a beer. In fact, they call themselves “The Soul of Belgium in the Heart of Philadelphia” and live up to that label. In addition to a great beer selection including some private label selections, Monk’s serves some of the best mussels on the east coast.

Something Touristy:

Philly is home to some of the most important sites and landmarks from America’s Revolutionary War and pre Constitutional period so you can and should go that route. In addition, you are a short distance away from any pro sports event you can imagine with all four major teams playing within a mile of each other. We would actually recommend a slightly longer commute to catch the Philadelphia Union Major League Soccer club in the nearby Chester waterfront.