Back Up Outfits - The Surpise Stain Contingency Plan


Here is a true story. I had to catch a very early flight this week. As I normally do, I had everything packed and ready to go and woke up around 3:30 in the morning. I never want to wake up my wife or kids so I always try my best to make sure everything is in order. On this particular morning I took a shower, shaved, got dressed, and felt like I was making great time. When I looked in the mirror I noticed to my own personal horror that I had a massive stain of some sort on the shoulder of my shirt. Honestly, I have no clue what it is, but that’s a mystery I’ll have to solve when I get back home.

Now, my brain doesn’t exactly work as well this early in the morning (this was pre-coffee) so as I tore through my closet looking for another shirt and tie combination to wear, I found myself wasting valuable time. I like to pride myself on being prepared for any situation, but this definitely caught me off guard.

In the past, I’ve had back up outfits already laid out for situations just like this. Shame on me for not being ready in this case, but I won’t make this mistake again. It doesn’t take much to pick out a neutral combination of pants, shirt, tie, and any additional accessories. Not only should you have one at home for situations like this, but when traveling, if you have space, you should probably bring one as well.

Luckily, my closet is fairly well organized. I swapped out my stained patterned shirt for a solid blue with an orange tie. Solid shirts are perfect for this situation. I recommend always having a couple of extra white and blue shirts as they pretty much go with anything.

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