Ways to Stay Productive During the Holidays


A few weeks ago we posted our Year End Sales Survival Guide. It addressed some of the most common issues that salespeople deal with year after year. After all, it is not unique to hear from a prospect that, “they are busy with year-end stuff,” or my personal favorite, “call me back after the holidays to pick this back up.” Surprise, surprise, people rarely pick up in January. This time of the year can be demoralizing for salespeople who get stuck in a rut or don’t have a plan to maximize the time. Well, have no fear. Here are a few tips to stay productive and recharge during the holidays (typically from the week before Christmas through to New Year’s Day):

Take a vacation

The best way to recharge from work is to completely unplug. If possible, take the time off. Hang out with family or travel somewhere fun. Try to ignore work for at least a few days. The time away will help you to refocus and recharge so when you come back, you are back in the fighting spirit.

Call Key Q1 prospects

If you have people that you are forecasting to close early in the new year, there is no harm in giving them a quick ring to keep things on track. It doesn’t have to be a hard sell situation either. A perfectly acceptable approach is to call and ask them if there are any tasks you can take care of during the “downtime” of the holidays that will help to speed things up in the new year

Email every prospect and mine for additional contact information

For the prospects that you haven’t really reached or connected with yet, this is an interesting week to reach out. There is a very good chance that you will get a lot of out of office messages, but that is okay. If you email all of your prospects, you will probably get a lot of valuable information from their email auto-reply. Examples of this are the exact dates they are out, alternative contact information (only to be used in the most urgent matters), and sometimes even a co-worker or alternate person to reach out to. This information should be recorded in your CRM as it can be very valuable in the future

Knock out administrative tasks

Let’s face it, we don’t like doing admin work but we know that it is incredibly important. This is a great time to block off an entire day or more to do research and other admin which will help you focus on dialing when everybody is back in the office.

The holidays don’t have to be a complete loss of time and productivity. Implementing some of the tips above can definitely set you up for a fantastic new year. Happy Holidays!

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