How to Grow the Size of Your Deal

There are countless studies that explain how much easier it is to sell to an existing customer than to win new business. Even hunters can take advantage of this. It’s depends on your compensation plan and how long you have to develop an account, but the best time to sell additional services or at least plant the seeds for them is right after you close your initial deal.

Why is this?

First, the customer (presumably) already trusts you. Winning new business isn’t easy and there are a lot of fish in the sea. For a buyer to choose you, there needs to be a certain level of trust earned. Assuming you have gotten this far, you should be able to use this to your advantage to leverage additional products/services. It should go without saying that the services need to be in the buyer’s best interest, otherwise you risk the trust that you worked so hard to build in the first place.

You have already gone through their purchasing process. This includes legal/contract review, purchasing/procurement, and possibly a security or IT audit. As tedious as this seemed on your end, don’t think that your buyer doesn’t hate it. They most likely don’t want to go through these steps again, so if you are able to position the right services/products for them, and it avoids them having to go through these steps with another provider, you are in good shape.

Depending on your business and what you sell, there is likely an onboarding process. It is up to you to ensure that this goes smoothly, even if you aren’t directly responsible. In sales, we are always responsible for seeing through what we’ve sold. Join any calls, meetings, etc. Share insights from the sales process. Be your buyer’s advocate, and make it the most frictionless process possible.

If you nail these steps, you are much more likely to win additional business quickly after the first sale.