Daily Schedule for Aggressive Prospecting

Prospecting...real prospecting, is something that takes laser focus and coordination. A large majority of salespeople either largely ignore this critical task, or do it in an incredibly ineffective manner. Unless you have a crack team of Sales Development Reps (SDRs) or a wonderful Marketing team with a great lead generation program (ha!), in order to be successful in pipeline building you will need to invest a lot of time into cold calling. Honestly, even if you do have the marketing and SDR support, you should still spend time on prospecting.

Below is a sample schedule that we put together which covers a bed to bed routine which should yield tremendous, repeatable pipeline building results. There are a few concepts to pull out of this that might not seem as obvious to everybody, but I promise that they help a lot.

For one, you’ll see that we recommend starting your day at 5AM. While it may seem counterintuitive to start a busy and long day by waking up super early, the idea here is 100% about getting that worm! Some of the most successful people in the business world wake up earlier and there are a lot of benefits which we have covered before.

The meditation suggestion is there to help get you in the right mindset for a long and grueling day. Remember, sales is a marathon and you need to center yourself before jumping into it. Separating research and calling is very important. You really want to eliminate all distractions prior to picking up the phone. We highly suggest turning off email while calling as well, aside from anything you need to send email follow ups.

It is also very important to block off time to do administrative tasks, client research, to read articles about your industry and prospects, etc. Multitasking has a place in many professions, but we are suggesting a radical departure from it when trying to build up your pipeline.

If you follow this schedule, you will see some major pipeline generation in very short order. Remember, most of the sales professionals are getting away from the phone. All of a sudden, the telephone has become the biggest differentiator in sales. This is mind-boggling and insane to many of us, but it is a great potential opportunity for hard working sales maniacs!