Sales Travel Guide - Amsterdam, The Netherlands



Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is the main airport for Amsterdam. It is incredibly busy (third largest in Europe) and very spacious. It would be even busier if it weren’t for the fact that so many Europeans and other travelers arrive by train in Amsterdam via Amsterdam Centraal Station. The airport is very large, but incredibly easy to navigate since it contains just one large terminal with three departure halls.

Hotel Recommendation:

If in Amsterdam for business (which you probably will be if you are reading this article), head to the Amsterdam Marriott Hotel. Boring, yes, but a great location with nice amenities. As I normally do, I would recommend an Airbnb if your company allows it as a part of your travel policy. My experience in the Marriott was top notch and because I have platinum status with Marriott I chowed down every night in the executive lounge before going out. It was a good option for breakfast and happy hour. If you are looking for something a little different, check out this site which lists a number of unusual hotels.

How to Sell to People in Amsterdam:

The Dutch are incredibly friendly, but also quite matter of fact in their communication. They combine some of the best qualities of their German, Belgian, and French neighbors in that respect. When selling to them, stick to the facts, keep focused on business, but do so in a warm and friendly manner. Mirroring their hospitality will go a long way.

Where to Take a Client for Lunch:

The Little Thai Prince is an absolutely killer Thai restaurant in the heart of the Red Light District. Its location and appearance are deceiving, but if you read the reviews on their Facebook site, you will see a pattern; small place, wasn’t sure what to expect, food ever! Seriously, if you like Thai food, or are interested in getting into Thai food, this is a must eat location.

Where to Take a Client for Dinner:

If you need more time to wine and dine your client, you can’t go wrong with Restaurant Blauw, an Indonesian masterpiece. Blauw serves rijsttafel, or a traditional meal of rice/side dishes. I think we had something like 30 different dishes while we were there. You can’t rush through and have to have a few drinks at a minimum. The food was excellent and it left plenty of time to talk business.

Where to Take a Client for Drinks:

Amsterdam isn’t necessarily known for their beer, at least not as much as their German and Belgian neighbors, but there are a good number of spots to grab a few while in the city. I recommend Bierproeflokaal In De Wildeman. They normally have 250 beers on tap and have a pretty great atmosphere. It’s probably the most “Amsterdamy” place in Amsterdam.

Something Touristy:

Obviously Amsterdam is known for its coffee shops and the Red Light District, but you are there for business, not a stag party. There is much more to this amazing city. I recommend the Van Gogh museum or the Anne Frank tour. You can’t go wrong with either and they will make a lasting impact on you.