Believe the Hype. Use Airborne Before, During, and After Flying

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past twenty or so years, you are familiar with the vitamin supplement, Airborne. As a refresher, Airborne is a supplement containing an insane amount of Vitamin C, in addition to a number of other vitamins, minerals, and herbs. It was originally developed by a school teacher. Most likely she was sick of getting infected by the classroom of outbreak monkeys that she dealt with on a daily basis and found a combination that worked for her.

Since then, Airborne has been used by many a savvy business traveler and is hailed as an unofficial germ condom for said travelers. The theory is that the tablet, gummy, or powder hits your body with so many vitamins and minerals that your immune system gets a temporary boost, thus protecting it from most airborne (ahh) viruses.

There are actually no Federally sanctioned studies to back up any of these claims, but this is one of those rare situations where a large percentage of the population can attest to a product. At most, it does give the immune system a boost. At worst, it doesn’t hurt. The only possible side effects that have been communicated are related to whether or not a person has an issue with any of the vitamins, herbs, or minerals in Airborne. It’s got a lot of the same stuff as a multivitamin but cranked up to 11.

Airborne should be a part of all sales traveler’s bag of tricks. My personal regimen is to take one the night before a flight and again an hour before the flight. If I have a scratchy feeling in my throat after the flight, I will also take one that evening. I repeat the process for return flights. In addition, I also order an orange juice on the plane to give myself that additional boost of Vitamin C. The worst side effect I’ve had to deal with is multiple trips to the bathroom on the plane.

Do you have any other tips for boosting your immune system on flights? If so, please share.

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